Thursday, November 16, 2006

Novell and Microsoft going out

Remember those days as a youngun when almost everyone had a girlfriend (gents) and everyone had a boyfriend (ladies). Oh youthful bliss when we'd go to the park and hold hands, or play in the maze...(awwwwww...the nice good old days).

Remember when Jason and Samantha the two guys who used to call each other ugly face and stinky pants became sweethearts and they were holding hands in the park and you're like "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS!!??!!". It's like Materazzi and Zidane becoming bestfriends, George W. Bush and Hugo Chavez.

Well come forward 15 years and it's now Microsoft and Novell. Microsoft has agreed that they'll be promoting Novell's version of Linux, Suse, to enterprise customers who wish to have Linux in their environment. This came about after both parties agreed to make their OS' work together for the betterment of their enterprise customers such as HP and other big guys. They agreed this after being forced to do this by some of these said customers. What does all this mean, well for one Microsoft and Novell have vowed to share physical lab space with each company getting some of their best engineers collaborating to make the two OSs' work well together, reports from the Novell camp is that their engineers are excited at this venture, i'll have to check Channel9 to find out about the MS ones. Microsoft will actually be handing out coupons for SuSe Linux to their customers who want to have Linux in their environ!!!

On both the Novell and Microsoft sites you can see content of the agreement and some of the FAQ about this new relationship...
Novell and Microsoft have been batting eyelids at each other for sometime now. Novell has ported much of Microsoft's application development framework, the .NET Framework, thus creating a platform called Mono which allows developers to write .NET code to run on open-source platforms. Interestingly enough Microsoft wants nothing to do with Mono at this point in time or is it that they're just playing like they don't like the nerdy girl because they're afraid of what the rest of the team will say. Well even though they say they don't like her, she was at Microsoft's TechEd in Barcelona and in the limelight at that. Check out mono's homepage to find out more about mono.

For all you .NET junkies out there, suppose I told you Mono has covered more than 66% of Microsoft's .NET Framework. There are even implementations being worked on for .NET Framework 3.0. So they're not far behind.


(Sing with me)
Micro & Novvy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Novvy with a MS-Carriage. Normally when a man marries a woman, the woman loses her name...Mrs Novell-Microsoft??? Or just Mrs. Microsoft? What will the future hold???


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