Monday, April 30, 2007

Microsoft Developer Day April-27-2007

Howdy y'all,

Friday last was Microsoft's official Visual Studio developer day. It was a very interesting event covering topics such as VSTS, WPF, WF, Atlas and WCF.

I must first big up Reeza Ali - Architect Evangelist for the Caribbean for putting on this show. Please check out his blog, he has alot of goodies from the show there.

It was a great turn out and i'm hoping that enough was done to spark their interests.

For all who were promised DVDs from MCSystems, i'm working on it (if you don't get it, torch me not my company). Many of you should receive it, if not this week next week :).

Also, we'll be sending our slides, code examples and links to Reeza so hopefully in a few days it'll be up on his blog for free download. Check out his blog now, he has some good stuff going on. I'll put up some links to our stuff soon. For those deep divers in the CLR and the .NET Framework check out Deveroux Martin's blog, there's a link on here to his, he's the technical guy @ MCS.

I'm hoping that we'll have the privelege of working with MS again on a seminar like this.

Let's not talk about cricket world cup....empty seats for a final and semi-final???


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