Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Talking to the Next Generation

Had a very interesting talk today with some students from a prominent high school in Jamaica about the software development industry.

We spoke about the SDLC and variations thereof, it was pretty interesting interacting with these bright, beautiful young ladies. Oh to be young again :-).

In one of our discussions, we spoke about agile software development methodology. That was interesting for me as I realised that as students working in a lab, they do practice alot of the agile methods of development e.g. peer programming.

We went on to talk about the advantages of object oriented over procedural while touching on the benefits of runtime environments such as Microsoft's .NET Framework and Sun's Java Runtime Environment.

At the end, these students gave me a nice fruit basket. I'm enthused and would really love to go back there and hopefully this time help them with their Java assigments.

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