Saturday, July 12, 2014

Twitter suspends ReplayLastGoal Twitter account - New Delivery Channel for Premium Content???

For those of us stuck behind corporate firewalls or just swamped with too much work to take in the full 60+ matches of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, there was respite for us all,

Through this site, once a goal was scored one was able to see the replay and get right back to work without fighting through popups & malware infested sites. We were also saved from the inaccurate reports from the security guard in the lunch room who stated how awesome the goals were (Messi is not Brazilian bro)!

FIFA has been really aggressive on broadcast rights throughout and to be honest it took a while for it to be taken down, would love the inside story of how this happened.

All in all, the concept was pretty ingenious and could be an avenue for companies like Twitter to sell premium feeds over the internet. As a cricket fan, I would love every time there's a six, four or a wicket to be able to view it almost real time as I track the game on or every awesome rally or ace @ Wimbledon. Food for thought, I'll see if xdamman may be interested in this venture. InstaVine?

Just got the feed from Storify on this

ReplayLastGoal Github Site

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